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The Strangest Things
Radical Face - Ghost

Radical Face - The Strangest Things

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Oh my god, I hate when I make bad typos. At least, I caught it pretty quickly.

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Ok, so I know it’s a tradition in fanon the way we talk about Blaine being unable to “communicate properly” about things, but I’m wondering, lately, how much of that is actually canon?

Because in this last episode, Blaine articulated pretty clearly his entire narrative since Dalton. He explained how he was feeling about the dynamic between himself and Kurt, and used an analogy to describe it. He even discussed what his deep-seated fear is. He asked to talk more, on more than one occasion. (Ooh, and please understand by these comments that I’m not taking Kurt to task on anything here. Honestly I’m just curious about the way we talk about Blaine and communication—because there’s a shorthand we use, I think, and I’m wondering a lot what it really means. Also: Blainevision, so maybe I’m just missing something lately.)

In “New New York,” Blaine brings up clearly the exact issue bothering Kurt, to see if he’s reading it right (“Am I suffocating you?”). In response to questions about the workspace he identifies the issue bothering him, too: “I thought this was *our* apartment”). Later he articulates that things aren’t working out, and lays out the history of how they ended up in the loft to begin with to provide context.

I dunno. I totally get earlier seasons, by the way. I can recall on more than one occasion Blaine trying to work things out on his own, waiting too long to bring someone else into the mix. I think that particular shorthand for Blaine doesn’t totally work for me anymore, though.

I actually do think Blaine is getting better, in general. I thought there was a marked, noticeable improvement in New New York, although he clearly had not communicated some of the specifics about how he felt about not feeling at home at the loft—but he communicated very well in that discussion about moving out.

In Tested, I have mixed feelings about it. Because he did want to talk and got shot down by Kurt, but that happened when Kurt was upset. It was Kurt’s emotions that gave him the motivation to discuss things, but he was clearly feeling badly even before that. He was struggling with insecurity, all ready pulling away from Kurt physically, etc. I still didn’t feel like that was Blaine speaking for himself when he needed it, before things became problems for him. (And this isn’t me condemning him for it, I get how hard that is) But when Kurt confronted him at the loft after what went down in the combat class, I thought Blaine handled himself very well, communicating exactly what he was feeling and why, even though frankly, some of that stuff had the potential to upset Kurt quite a lot.

So I think, yeah—he is getting better, but I still feel like he would benefit from owning his communication for himself, when he needs it.

(Edited to add: Okay, now that I’m thinking about it, I think might be more of an external-validation thing than a purely reactionary thing. Like it wasn’t just Kurt’s emotions that motivated him, but Kurt’s upset validated his own negative feelings so then he could talk about them.)

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"Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence."
The Little Prince  (via bl-ossomed)
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By protecting something that is very precious to me

Some sweetness and a break. I just want the world to let them breathe for a moment.


By protecting something that is very precious to me

Some sweetness and a break. I just want the world to let them breathe for a moment.

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