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IG Art Theft - Almost There! 43 Pieces Still Need Identified


Hey guys:

So!  More than three-quarters of the stolen artwork on KFAA’s Instagram (222/265 pieces) have been identified.  This is fantastic news because now they can be reported and in short order taken down.  No approval from KFAA required.  It really is that quick and easy.

But 43 pieces are still orphaned.  They can’t be reported until we identify them.  And if they can’t be reported, then they won’t be taken down.  

I was willing to put in the hours to find most of the first fifty (with some help from spiritedquill and freakingpotter - thank you!).  All I ask now is that you check out the links below, let me know if you recognize any, and carry on your merry way if so or if not.  I would deeply appreciate any assistance at this point because I have exhausted most of my resources and am at a dead end on many of these. I will be reporting as many of the 222 pieces tonight as I can.

Stay tuned. 


P.S. Here’s the full list if you’d like to see what artwork we have and haven’t identified.

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3.17 // 5.16

#god you can just tell how important physical intimacy is to kurt #and when blaine pulls away from him like that it really hurts #not just because he wants sex #but because he wants the closeness and intimacy that being with blaine in that way gives him #kurt isn’t a very affectionate or touchy-feely person #especially compared to blaine #and he definitely doesn’t always wear his heart on his sleeve #but i think it’s obvious that being physically initmate with somebody is very important to him #it’s how he expresses his love #and blaine pulling away from him like this and turning to things like porn instead #it really hurts #and it probably makes him feel inadequate #and think he’s not good enough (x)

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Some days, I spend a lot of time thinking about the change in Kurt going from the flippant “Blaine and I are like an old married couple” in s3 to the more concerned “wait, are we turning each other into an old married couple?” recently, with the experiences and emotional processes for him there.

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Favourite s5 performances: 05x10: Hold On
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Fandom-Wide Glee Rewatch 2014:
S01E04 Preggers

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