some thoughts on 4.21

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. This is a pretty Kurt and Blaine heavy reaction post.

I’m so into Kurt’s anxiety-based new rituals. They relate to color, clothes, the passage of time, touching his own skin, putting things in a certain order like the sugar packets. And he tries to bring others in on the rituals as well, snapping at Burt about the color of his shirt in the doctor’s office. He is so scared to lose his dad too.

Speaking of those rituals, seriously, Blaine noticing Kurt with the sugar packets in the Lima Bean scene made me tear up. I actually don’t even have words for it because yeah, that is something a partner can do, see the difference between your typical rituals and different ones that mean something is wrong even if they seem innocuous. That was intensely touching for me. Oh yeah, I will be shipping these two forever.

And finally letting a big breath out when Blaine also took his hand. And that look they shared.

So. It’s not as weird seeing Blaine anymore. That’s a very good thing for Kurt. He can’t be actively hurt by the past if he is going to ever move forward with him. In real life. Super interesting data point in regards to the wedding-weekend bubble the last time they were in the same place together.

That doctor’s office scene was so perfect. Old people sex! And then Kurt having fun and seemed so very light and silly during “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” So much relief in that performance to me.

So “dirty cute” and Kurt looking like he wasn’t sure how he wanted to respond. Blaine, lol I actually think that remark might have worked a little bit better had you tried after Burt’s doctors appointment.

Blaine, you are such a sweet young man. Burt Hummel is giving you good advice. He isn’t dismissing the way you love Kurt or any of your feelings or even your future together! but he is telling you that this is not a good idea right now. Right now.

Blaine Anderson just HAS A LOT OF FEELINGS. He wants to make a big gesture, he is afraid of Kurt meeting someone else, he wants to be married because that means something to him and being able to marry now means something to him. The reality is, all of these reasons combined are why he probably shouldn’t propose to Kurt at this point in time, not really just because they are too young…or even because they aren’t together right now. It’s a weird mix of fear and wanting and romantic notions and ideals and a bunch of other stuff. The frustration at Burt at the end hit just the right note.

But yeah, I think Kurt was half-expecting Blaine to ask him on a date at the end there, the look on his face. Or, say something about their relationship.

So psst, boys, you both need to talk to each other so very badly. And it isn’t that you need to talk about the past like I used to think, maybe it is time to really talk about the future in a real way.

Okay, other stuff — I loved the scene with Artie and his mom. There was some interesting stuff about being grateful to someone you view as a caretaker but also Artie’s mom saying no, you have always been your own advocate. Kitty involving herself in all this was so weird though. But yay! Artie in New York! That makes me happy.

The bit about Mercedes’s issues with the record industry and not looking like Beyonce was so on. It really worked for me. I was much less enthused by her attitude in general in the choir room and to the new New Directions.

Cassie has always wanted her students to succeed. That was always the point. Remember the TA that left for Wicked, was it, at the beginning of the season and how happy she was for him?

I liked all the musical numbers in general, some worked a little better than others but all in all, they were really fun to watch. I particularly enjoyed seeing Mike and Jake dance.

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